Poop in the Box for Christmas

I did not receive a single book for Christmas. But that wasn’t as bad as I expected. Instead of the books I asked for, and haven’t bought myself for the last two Christmases, I got a big box.

Inside the box was a black teddy bear from Build-a-Bear. I pressed the little tag that said, “Press here” and I heard my husband’s voice say, “I love you, S.” I cried.

Around the bear’s neck, loosely, was a string with a jewelry box on it. Inside were a pair of silver dangling earrings with blue stones. Beautiful. Beautiful.

R said the bear was so realistic, I should make sure it didn’t poop in the box. (Anyone else have her husband ask if there was “poop in the box” he gave her for Christmas?) Inside the box, on the bottom, was another jeweler’s case. It had a silver and blue stone necklace in it.

I raked it in.

My husband got Mole Skins (four of them), two wireless mic systems (for his movie), and Sin City, the special edition. We watched the discussion of making the movie. It was fascinating.

He also tried to get me to buy him a set of katanas. When I wouldn’t, he bought them himself.

If I’d known he packed multiple presents in the box, I would have bought him the katanas. Even though I’d planned to get them for his bday. Don’t know what he’ll get for that in three weeks.