Christmas Traditions: Eating

My family was very poor when I was younger. So Christmas dinner would be macaroni and cheese (you could get 10 boxes for a $1 on sale) and slices of bologna (also cheap before ease of use was a bonus).

Later, when I was a teenager, we began to have Mexican Steak and Texas fudge cake. That’s been our holiday tradition since. It is my favorite meal.

My husband grew up on turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin and pecan pies with rolls made by Grama De. He is a big pumpkin pie fan. His brother loves pecan pie.

This year we’re at R’s parents house for Christmas. EJ and his family were also here. (They’ve left to go home because they came out a day earlier than we did.)

What did we eat? We had
green beans,
lima beans,
corn with bell peppers,
strawberry jello salad,
pound cake,
pecan pie,
and apple pie.
And rolls from Harp’s. R ate his dinner; then he had chocolate Zingers.

It didn’t taste a lot like Christmas this year. But it wouldn’t have even if we’d been with my parents. It turns out my mom is allergic to the main ingredient in Mexican steak besides steak and water.

I’ll put the recipe up, original, my changes, and my brother’s changes after we get home. It’s good stuff.