Mexican Steak: The Journey

This is my family’s favorite meal. It came from a church cookbook in Oregon where my dad’s middle sister was going to church with her family. She bought one for each unit in the family. So at least six of the cookbooks sold. I took it off to grad school with me. I haven’t seen it since, so I may have lost it.

In the original, the sauce is minimal. However, my family makes LOTS of sauce, browns the meat, and cooks it more in the sauce. The meat is done when you can eat it with a spoon. And you need rice to go with the steak and sauce.

This will not be to everyone’s taste. My husband doesn’t like it. But my family loves it.

This will feed a family of six big eaters or twelve normal people. Or two of my family if they’re hogging it. You need two big pots to cook this in.

3 twenty ounce bottles of Del Monte Ketchup (Other ketchups have less sugar and so taste less sweet. You can change for your personal preferences.)
6 empty ketchup bottles of water (Makes sure you get the last of the ketchup out, too.)
12 Tablespoons of mustard (We always use yellow, but brown would probably just add a bit of kick.)
12 Tablespoons of Lea & Perrin Worchestershire sauce (This is non-negotiable in my opinion. But if you have a favorite W- sauce you can sub it.)
1 Tablespoon tabasco (If you don’t like any heat at all, you can lower this. If you like more, you can add. My dad can’t have it too spicy. Update: I put in 1.5 T and that is TOO much. My lips are burning. I had to drink soda in order to eat and the rice wasn’t enough to stop it.)
2 cups lemon juice
garlic (The recipe as it was originally calls for 18 cloves for this mix. I usually just use a whole head and call it done.)
onion (The original calls for 18 onions. -Because the original was much more about the onion than the ketchup. My family aren’t big onion fans.– I usually just use two. But you want to chop them up well.)

flour- enough to coat steak
oil (Don’t use anything that has a strong taste.)
6 pounds of steak

Take the flour. Mix in pepper and salt. (I just salt and pepper the steak before I coat the steak.) Coat steak. Pan fry until light brown outside. Then the steak in with the sauce and bake at 350. Cooking time: 2-8 hours. Longer is better.

My brother says the best way to mix all the sauce is put all the wet stuff except ketchup and water in a blender. It does get the mustard to mix in better, but it isn’t necessary.

My brother uses two sticks of butter in the recipe. I don’t use any butter in the recipe. I find that no one tastes the difference and I don’t look at butter on top of the sauce after it’s been in the fridge the way I make it. The butter is original to the recipe.

If it’s too spicy:
Add more of the other wet stuff. (I may have to do that to the portion I made 1/12/07. It is too hot for me.)

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