Getting Healthy

I am attempting to improve my health, not as a New Year’s resolution, but as a fact of life.

I am avoiding the foods I am allergic to.

I am taking vitamins and iron daily. I am also taking my thyroid medicine and my DSF.

Five days ago I started eating better. More fresh foods, not processed stuff. No white flour. No sugar. (I am basically following South Beach’s phase two.)

Today I started running. I want to continue to run at least three times a week, more if I want to, until the end of February and a 5K race.

I know that when things are not working it is easy to just say nothing. I hereby resolve that if I quit, I will announce it to the world. I want to do this. I am trying to put as much thought into this as I do other parts of my life.

I was trying to decide what my goals are. Do I want to weigh what the US government says I should? No. That’d be ten pounds less than I weighed in high school when I was in good shape.

Do I want to weigh what I weighed in high school? Maybe. If I don’t add any muscle to this body that is housing me.

I think I have a goal of a pound a week until I fit in all my clothes. Then after that I will reconsider. It could be as soon as the race or as long as May that I can fit into them.