Running Third Time this Week

This morning I ran again. I wasn’t enthusiastic when I went out there, but I ran. I did week 3 (90 second jog, 90 second walk, 3 min. jog, 3 min. walk x2). Here’s what I learned:

It is very easy to jog for three minutes, if you jog about the pace you walk. Slow is easy. In fact, I was thinking about something else the first time, which is how I ran 3 minutes, because I wasn’t intending to. But when I looked at my watch it had been over two minutes and I thought, “Hey, I can keep doing this.”

I ran three times, not two, though, because I was running so slowly on the 3 minutes that I didn’t get back to my starting point in that time.

Note: I have been being very good about my diet, even when I went out of town to see my girlfriend and she had nothing I could eat for breakfast. But tonight I had three rolls, a slice of potato tart, and a half a slice of chocolate mousse cake. I will be back on track tomorrow. (I said I was going to post when I wasn’t doing stuff right as well as when I am.)

I am hoping this won’t kill me weight wise. I had lost 5.4 pounds as of this morning. I’m sure it will, though. Even though I didn’t really eat 3,500 calories worth, what I ate had salt and sugar.