I haven’t eaten any more calories than normal, though I did have three starches yesterday. But for the other days, I’ve eaten only what I was supposed to and one starch.

On 1/16 I weighed in at 172. (Ouch.)

Yesterday and today, though, I have weighed in at 173.2. I’m going to try and up my water. I’ve been drinking about 64 ounces a day. I’m sick of water, you know? But I don’t want to weigh 173.2 tomorrow.

I took a day off from running today. My legs are “sore” this morning. But I remember this feeling from when I hadn’t gone to Hotze. It’s something else, like restless leg or something. I need to start taking my melatonin regularly. And maybe sleep on the couch once in a while. (For the head raising part. It is supposed to help my sleep apnea.)

Not for anyone else:

Day 31 of having breakthrough bleeding if not an actual period. I hope the birth control pills help this time around. I’ve been having cramps, too, for about a week.