My Eating Plan

for the next three days is the three day start plan for Quick Weight Loss Center.

1. Eat one of these meats, as much as you want, as often as you want, for the next three days. But you can only eat one type of meat. –I chose beef.

2. Eat any of these raw green vegetables. (Then, in case you don’t know that they aren’t green, they tell you not to eat carrots or tomatoes.) They have to be raw. And you can’t have raw peas, no matter how green they are.

3. Have 2 eggs for breakfast for each of the next three days.

4. Have a half an orange twice a day for the next three days.

5. Don’t weight lift. (Okay, that’s not an eating plan, but it’s relevant.)

This weekend I went to Austin. We ate out the whole time. I ate lasagna at a friend’s house. It was excellent. I did not pig out, but I did have two servings. And two pieces of bread.

Then Sunday it was a sandwich at McD’s, roast chicken (good) with soda (bad), and for supper I had Caesar salad (good) and a hamburger (not bad), and soda (bad, very bad).

So now I have to make up for the poor eating this weekend.