Running: Week 6

I haven’t looked yet, but I am sure my husband would say I’m “not following the program.” But the program says you can decrease if you can’t do it, so I think you ought to be legitimately able to increase if you can do it.

I jogged 8, walked 2, jogged 5, walked 3 (00ps!), jogged 8, walked 2, jogged 5, walked 2 home. I was tired but not exhausted. My thighs were sore today. That was the first time on this running program that has happened. (But they weren’t sore till the last minute of the last 8 and they weren’t sore after that 2 minute walk.)

Okay, so week 6 on the plan is 5 jog, 3 walk, 8 jog, 3 walk, 5 jog. I did more than that. But I could, so I think it is okay.

The Rodeo Run is what I am trying to build up to. It’s on February 25th. I guess R and I need to register.

I am concerned that I’ll be very slow, but it turns out the 5K is a walk/run, so I ought to be all right for that. Surely I won’t be slower than walkers.

I was worried about the date because my dad called and said my sister was flying in on the 10th to go to the rodeo. He must have meant March 10th because the rodeo is Feb. 28- Mar. 19th. The 10th is my folks’ anniversary. They’ll have been married 45 years.