Weight Loss Drug OTC

Full disclosure: I have one friend who works for GlaxoSmithKline and another who was laid off from GlaxoSmithKline.

This article talks about the pill approved for over the counter weight loss two days ago. I missed the announcement, but my husband didn’t.

To maximize the weight loss effect and minimize side effects, Alli, unlike any other drug, will need to be used with other supports. In addition to using a low fat diet, the patients need to do physical exercise.

So, I am on a lowered fat diet. I do physical exercise. Should I take this?

About 50 percent of participants experienced the effect, compared to 26 percent taking a placebo.

It might not work for me. 50% chance.

However, the weight loss effect diminished and lost weight came back after use of the drug was discontinued. Those who want to keep the pounds off need to keep taking the pill.

Isn’t that true of anything? If I quit dieting, I will put the weight back on. If I quit running, I will put the weight back on. Does quitting the drug guarantee I will put the weight back on? I doubt it. I am sure it is a question of eating more calories than you can use. So if I take the drug, I will have to eat less calories afterward to maintain my weight loss.

For six pounds in six months, you have to pay $300 for the pills. I think I will wait until nothing I can do on my own moves that stubborn weight.