Child Rapist

I didn’t blog on the child rapist getting 60 days sentence, for four years worth of assaults, because I didn’t think there was a thing I could do about it. I did pray against the judge who made such a stupid assignment. I prayed God would get him. I’m not quite ready to take that back. I am, however, glad to hear that the judge raised the sentence to three years. I still think that’s too little. The child had to live with that for four years and will bear the repercussions until heaven. Three years is not enough.

Oh yeah. And I was appalled that the state, of Vermont, considered him a “low risk” for recidivism. Hello. Child molesters are the least likely people to change. LEAST likely. Don’t ever let this man near a child again. Even, especially, one of his own.

I think that child molestation would be a crime whose sentence ought to include a vasectomy. I think some people should not have children. It’s not safe for the kids. This guy is one of those.