What Do I Do Now?

Okay. I was increasing my running, which is good. And, except for last week’s 20 minute run, I’ve done sufficient time for each week. That’s the good news.

The other good news is that the runs at the ends of the week only started in Week 5, so I wasn’t as off as I thought. The workouts didn’t increase daily until week 5. And I did run 14 minutes without stopping, for my Pres. Fit. Test. If I’d been in really bad shape, I might have run for 20!

The bad news is that with both the extensions I added to my runs, on both ends, it turns out I only run 2 miles. So I’ve been taking 32 minutes to jog/walk 2 miles.

To get a mile, you have to run from the pool, across the EG street, past their pool, turn at the school, and run to the road. So running that there and back would be two miles.

The addition I ran to the street after the pool on the way home is .2 miles. So, to get 2.5 miles, I’d have to run from the street- OG, to the pool, across EG’s, past pool, school, to road, and then all that back again and then run halfway back to the pool.

I’m not sure what to do now that I know the lengths I’ve been running. Should I run for 25 minutes and see how far I can get and then try to increase it over the next week or two? Then run for 30 minutes, etc.

Any thoughts?