That’s how long it took me to, mostly, jog 2.2 miles this morning. I walked 3 minutes total because I couldn’t run the whole way. The first walk was at 20 min. The second at 25. The third at 30.

Friday I did the run in about 36 minutes, with five or six minutes of walking and about one and a half minutes of running.

I didn’t try to run at all today. I was just trying to jog the whole time. I didn’t make it.

Don’t know how I am going to do the rodeo run in less than three weeks. Maybe walk the first ten minutes and then try jogging/walking.

But it doesn’t matter. I’m in better shape to jog now than I have ever been in my life and that’s good. Improvement is good.

I have been weighing and taking my lowest weight each week for the last two weeks, but I am now consistently right at 170, even on my high days.

I think I am eating too many carbs again. So I am backing off on those.