Shooting Today

R had two shoots today. Three models, two make up artists. Busy day. First one started at 9:30 and ended about 1:05. Second one started about 1:50 and ended about 5:10.

I was up early and so was R so we went to WalMart this morning. I can’t remember what we bought… Oh yes. White tape and a short “stool.” (The stool is really a table.)

After that I went to the library to work on the booksale. C came in, bless her, and worked with me. We have tons of books to unpack on Monday and Tuesday.

I left my leather coat at the library. Ouch. Hope it is still there on Monday.

Tomorrow I won’t blog. I’ll be going to my mother’s early and staying late. She’s in the hospital so I’m going to pick up some flowers, go visit her, then go to the house and help take care of Oma, clean up, and go visit my mom again.

I didn’t eat well today, but I still ate much more well than I used to.