“Your Friend’s an Idiot”

I can’t really write that, can I?

Someone wrote to me and said that her friend was treated rudely by a woman taking her money at the booksale. The friend described the woman who took her money as “long, sandy hair and tall.” No one at the tables matched that description. The only person with “long” hair is me. And mine is raving red. No sandy to it. The tallest person there was also me, 5’6″. Not exactly tall. The other three people there were all in their 50s or later. One had sandy hair, but it only went to her shoulders and she’s shorter than I am.

So it was either me who was rude- and I wasn’t. Or it was the newbie who was rude- and I don’t think she was either.

What’s the most likely scenario? The friend was in a bad mood and took someone’s slowness or quickness, someone’s attempt to do a good job, as rudeness and “not wanting to be there.”

Honestly, of all of us, I was probably the most “not wanting to be there” because I hadn’t intended to be there that morning, but lots of the volunteers from the library didn’t show.

Is her friend really an idiot? No. But this was a bit of “tempest in a teapot” for no good reason. Even if a tall sandy haired woman WAS rude, did it make any difference to this woman’s life, other than to give her something to complain about? No, it didn’t.

I need to learn diplomacy. I really do. But I didn’t write and say, “Your friend’s an idiot.” Thank goodness.

I politely wrote back about the volunteers and the woman me wrote back, still upset, and said that the woman who wasn’t there because she didn’t exist, needs an attitude adjustment. I know we should trust our friends more than people we don’t know well, but if a tall sandy haired woman took her friend’s money, she stole it. There wasn’t a volunteer like that working at the tables.

And I often said, “Five fifty” or whatever and took the money, gave them change, and said, “Thank you.” So maybe it was me. But I don’t think I need an attitude adjustment.

If she doesn’t want to buy our books, fine. If she wants to get polite conversation she shouldn’t come during the busiest hour. Oh well. It’s over and done.

I am going to get help with this next one or I am going to quit. Quitting isn’t very polite. But I don’t want the hassles and I’m not good at dealing with them, either.