Bought THE Dress

R and I had been to two malls, had worn ourselves out, and hadn’t found a single thing that even closely resembled the kind of dress I would want to wear to a premier party that is taking place in an upscale club. (I am going to just such a premier party in 14 days.)

So R called a friend. Go here to see a pic of her and her fiance. (Btw, R took the picture.) Shelli is an incredibly good looking woman with great fashion sense. So R asked if she would help me shop.

We agreed to meet today to go shopping at the Galleria. Pretty much all I have ever done in the Galleria is hang out in the Apple store. I’ve looked for clothes there before, but I don’t know that I’ve ever purchased any.

We’re looking for a hot dress. One that looks great on a size 12 body. (Since that’s what I have. Too bad you can’t rent a smaller size body for something like this.)

Two stores, three dresses later, we have the perfect one.

Then we went to about six stores -six stores very far from each other- looking for shoes. Finally found some at Macy’s. Gorgeous shoes. JLo’s though. They were so great looking, Shelli bought a pair as well. Very cool. She says next time I come to Bone Church I have to tell her if I am going to wear them, since she wouldn’t want us both to wear the same shoe.

Finally we’re looking for purses. One end of the mall to the other we go. Finally we find a retro clutch purse with a metallic black closing fastener for only $38. I love it. (I also bought a beautiful pink purse on impulse, but it turns out the dress I thought it would match perfectly is one shade darker. So I’m going to have to take it back sometime this week.) I found it at Nordstroms. They have some fine purses.

One had feathers all over it. It was a work of art in itself. But it was also $515. I couldn’t see spending that on a purse I would wear once.

The shopping is done. I have found the dress and accessories. I will look good. Hopefully I will also have fun at the premier.