The Premier: Preparations and Excursions

We flew to Atlanta a day earlier than the premier. We brought our clothes we were intending to wear for the premier, of course. Since it was supposed to be 40s-60s, I brought R a sweater. (His jacket has seen better days.) However, he decided he needed a new jacket, rather than just wearing the sweater.

Then I decided I needed a new kind of earrings. So we went looking all over town for those.

While we were looking we found a new store- new to us, anyway. It was called “Basement.” It had women’s and men’s clothes, jewelry, and shoes, for less than you would pay at a department store or in the mall. While we were there, we found R a jacket, brown suede. He’d originally been wanting a black leather jacket, but didn’t find a style he liked.

I enjoyed spending the day with R and I enjoyed the shopping.

We ate supper at Emeril’s. That was fun. I had the spinach with andouille salad, buffalo loin, and almond chocolate pound cake. It was excellent. R had some other salad, salmon with mushrooms and crabs which he loved, and he shared the pound cake with me. Emeril’s is definitely a sit down and stay awhile restaurant. It’s not a quick in or quick out.

Saturday morning we got up early and went to the High Museum of Art. That was more fun than it looked like it would be from their website. If we hadn’t already had tickets, I would have skipped it. But they had some fascinating pieces. We saw some beautiful late 19th early 20th century statues and glass. They also had a few really beautiful pieces of religious art from Europe 1400-1800. R liked the building especially. I thought it had lots of space for very few exhibits and was a bit too maze-like. But it was still fun.

We still hadn’t found earrings, so we drove around some more. We found a mall that is similar in concept to the Woodlands’ Town Center, a mall built in multiple buildings with a center park and small roads with lots of pedestrian traffic. We ate at California Pizza Kitchen there. That was good. Thankfully we finished what we were doing in less than two hours because parking is free for two hours or less, but you have to pay after that.

Then we drove around looking for the club the premier was going to be at. Found it, found parking. The parking lot was full of camera trucks and all sorts of fancy things like “Gypsy Grips.” R got paranoid, thinking he needed a nicer outfit. But we didn’t go looking for one. It turned out that it wasn’t for us, anyway, so it’s a good thing he didn’t go get a jacket. He’d have been over dressed.

R took a nap from 3-4:30. I looked through the news on the internet, to have stuff to talk about at the party.

After our nap, we went to get my make-up done. I was so glad to be able to do that. A make-up artist worked all day long on women’s make-up for the premier. She stayed busy and she was there. Since MUAs often don’t show up, that’s a huge positive. It was a hundred bucks, but it was worth it. I looked very different. I don’t know that I particularly liked the colors (She went for more orange in the face than I would have.), but I looked good.

We found out while with the MUA that there was going to be a casting call that night as well. So we met three of the women who were trying out to be models for the next show. That was nice. I felt like there were friendly faces at the party. And, of course, having a casting call meant that there were A LOT of really good looking women there, which was great for Mav TV.

Then we went back to the hotel, changed into our clothes and went to the club. It was cold. 38 and windy. And I was in a backless dress with no sleeves. But I looked good. 😉

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