The Premier: We got to see the cut!

The guys running the whole thing said to come down and go in the middle room. (Not that we knew where that was. But we went down and hung around.) Eventually we figured it out.

We went in a smaller room, smaller even than the sky bar, and watched the show’s cut version for an hour with the sound on.

It was fun. It was hot. (Gorgeous girls in bikinis and sometimes only in half-bikinis.)

It was perfect for MavTV. Four of the photographers were young good looking guys who didn’t even wear shirts to shoot in. One of the models told one of the photographers, “You’re easy on the eyes, which is good.” (That’s in the uncut version.)

There wasn’t as much drama as I was expecting in the short version. They mentioned the girls who ran out on the show, taking their pay and their tickets without checking out of the hotel, and a boyfriend threatening to do a mob hit on the guy trying to get them to do the work they’d been paid for. They showed one altercation with a photographer and a model. They showed one model getting in trouble for trying to make trouble for someone else rather than admit she was the problem.

But that wasn’t the whole movie. Just an hour of the three shot and shown so far.

Then they came in, gave us DVDs of the complete show to date and passed out tee shirts. They say, “I am the best.”

It was fun to watch the show. People were into it, talking, laughing, telling jokes. “That’s me!” “That’s me!”