Thank goodness for WalMart.

There is a girl in Russia who has just moved there this year. Her parents are going to be missionaries. Her birthday is next month. So we’re sending a package.

I couldn’t find any good stickers for the kids to make their own cards with. But WalMart had $.48 cards. And I managed to find 28 different cards, so all my kids from Marvelous Creatures will be able to write her an individual birthday card. Hurray!

I also found a necklace, sterling silver, with pretty blue and pink stones, shaped like a butterfly. I figured silver would be less likely to get stolen and it’s small enough I can probably stick it in a card. Hopefully they won’t even notice it with the other 28 cards.

In addition, because they were things on the family’s list, I bought fruit roll-ups and wet wipes, travel size.