Quick Weight Loss Diet: Again

Last year, or maybe the year before, I was on the QWLC’s diet. I was on it for 100 days and I lost quite a bit of weight, 30 pounds. And after 7 weeks of eating whatever the heck I wanted to, I had only gained back six.

Yesterday I started the diet again. The three day quick start is here.

But recently I got rid of the regular part of the diet and I hadn’t put it on my site. So I had to find the only person I knew at church who had done QWLC and ask her if I could copy her forms. She said she had an extra copy.

Now, I’ll tell you flat out, that if you want to do their diet, you’ve got to go to them. You can’t buy their snacks without paying their fee.

But here’s the basic regimen.

All of the following foods must be eaten daily.
2 entrees
4 veggies
3 fruits
2 starches
1 fat

You can use spices that aren’t and don’t contain salt and/or sugar. Which lets out all prepared condiments. They do say you can have 2 tbsp of Kraft Fat Free dressing each day.

And you have to drink 80 oz of water a day.

R and I started yesterday. He put his weight onto a chart and saw a little up, a little down, and then one place where he just lost a ton of weight all at once. That was on QWL. He’d recorded it in his blog. He lost 20 pounds in 30 days.

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