Politics and things

Sometimes I am willing to write about things that I can’t do anything about because I am thinking through my fingers. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the information and don’t want to think any more about it.

That’s my excuse for not having written about
the MSM’s horrid response to the war in Iraq (at least recently),
the illegal immigrant protests,
the destruction of the pro-life exhibits at NKU and now Princeton…

I think the war is being won.

I think illegal immigrants should be punished. They’re illegal. They’re criminals. I really like Wizbang’s suggestion that we let in an additional/extra legal alien for every illegal alien we escort out.

If you don’t think illegal immigrants are taking American jobs away from Americans who want them, go read Some Soldier’s Mom about her son’s friend, a vet, who lost his job to an illegal worker and was told by welfare that he didn’t qualify. Americans WILL work, when they can. At least most of us.

I was also pleased to read, again at Wizbang, that someone in law enforcement is enforcing our laws. (Kind of sad that it seems oxymoronic.)

I am appalled that McCain thinks it is okay to have no freedom of speech, if he can have an incorrupt government. Excuse me. Has there ever been such a thing as an incorrupt government? No. But there has been and still is such at thing as no freedom of speech. And one of the ways that it could come here is to say that something else would be better than it, especially something else that is impossible to get.

I think we should all join Army Wife Toddler Mom and pray and send cards to our soldier with colon cancer.
Greg – Room 336
Wesley Medical Ctr.
5001 Hardy St.
Hattiesburg, MS 39402

I was thrilled with Barefoot Meandering’s entry on why playing is so important for kids. I’ve never been articulate about why I think it is okay, even good, that my sons have lots of down time from school, but I’ve never said so well. (At least not as well as Barefoot Meandering has.)

I’m thinking about way more than I’m blogging.