Houston and Katrina Folks

Euphoric Reality has a very good post which is a re-organization and shortening by a local journalist.

It talks about what Houston did to take care of the influx of Katrina victims and what Houston is doing now to get those folks taken care of.

I live in Houston and the violent crime increase has been clearly visible.

Also, our church is one of the faith-based groups that helped with housing. We secured, furnished, and paid for ten apartments for ten families from New Orleans. One couple never looked for jobs, ever. They’ve finally gone home to their FEMA paid off house. They have no mortgage. One couple left and didn’t tell us they were leaving. So we continued to pay for the apartment and the utilities they left on. That’s only two out of ten, but we got a much more wealthy bunch to start with because our housing required a car. (We’re too spread out to find a job if you can’t commute.)

I have to admit that my attitude towards the Katrina victims is a lot less favorable than it used to be.