Stupid Home Associations

We got a letter last month that said we needed to mow and edge. I laughed. The lawn had just been done.

Now we got a certified letter from the place saying that if we didn’t have it edged in 15 days they’d sue.

Excuse me. There’s no edging problem on the house. (Unless they’re talking about the backyard, which they better not be seeing, since they’d have to come onto our property to do that.)

Someone in that group is either stupid or vicious. Or maybe both.

I’m furious and of course there’s no way to call them because it is Saturday.

And if I go in and am exceedingly polite, nothing will happen. And if I yell, I’ll have troubles with the library because these are the same people who do stuff for the library.

I am mad.

Too bad it had to happen today. Stupid people.