oh my goodness

I have produced a poet and essayist of phenomenal abilitites. (I mean produced as in, he was born from me. I’m not sure I had much to do with his incredible expressiveness.)

I asked my son to write an essay for admission to math class. (It’s not my prerequisite. But where I am going to get him math requires it.) They not only require an essay, they give the topics you can write on.

So M had an hour to write this thing tonight and I am blown away. It is incredibly articulate, with poetry and metaphors embedded in the five paragraph, 591 word essay. It’s got teenage attitude in it too, which is not so great. But I am amazed.

I was going to post a piece of it and then I realized that the piece I chose would be the most likely to get “checked” for plagiarism and I don’t want the folks to find my website. (Much safer that way.)

Let me just say that you would be in awe if you could read it.

Maybe I’ll post it next week after the interview is over.