Ovary Sadness

I’m sad about the ovary being taken. I was hoping to avoid HRT. But it didn’t work out that way; there was not only scar tissue on the ovary, which was expected, but there was also endometriosis, which was not.

I wonder if there was endometriosis all along and that was why I was having so many problems. I don’t know. I would think not, though, because the doctor 10 years ago went in after the ruptured ovary, so surely she would have noticed.

Dr. B, the assisting surgeon, got on my case because I had two ovaries. Well, I had one ovary and the left over piece of the other one. When my ovary ruptured, that doctor said she took it out. And when I went for an ultrasound, the nurse couldn’t find the other one. So I just figured that meant I only had one.

Dr. N, my surgeon, said there wasn’t a problem. That “we got that little scrap out” and it was hiding behind stuff.

In a way I’m glad it is all gone, but in a way, as I said, I am sad. I was looking forward to having an ovary for a while.