Apple Review

I bought the new Macbook, bottom end, not top end. It’s got the Intel core duo processor, 2 GHz, and 512 memory.

It is faster than my old computer, a run or two past.

But the good things about the Macbook aren’t the kind of glitzy things a typical review would hit on. Or not the best things, in my opinion, anyway.

The feet on this computer don’t fall off because they’re not little soft plastic nubs stuck in holes. They’re hard plastic nubs stuck in holes, but they’re stuck in there much better. Probably a twist and pop.

The cord on this computer doesn’t warp, because when a teenage boy is chasing his brother or the dog and they snag this cord, it pops right off. It’s magnetized instead of having a long circular plastic and metal connection. So it doesn’t get ruined and you don’t have to buy a new one every six months.

The annoying things about this computer is sometimes I can’t get the mouse to move at all. I’ll roll my finger across the pad, up and down, back and forth, and I can’t even see the cursor move at all, much less go where I want it to. And then sometimes the scroll bar gets stuck and just keeps scrolling down.

I figure I’ll eventually discover the mouse and scroll bar tricks. But I know already the magnetized cord was a great choice.