I am better.

Yesterday I was more better than today. Probably because I went too much yesterday. (Traveled in a vehicle with my mother to three places and GOT OUT at all of them.)

So last night my virus in my nose and throat came back with a vengeance. I flung myself out of bed in the middle of the night trying to cough enough to be able to breathe, since everything was stopped up. I went and slept on the couch, sitting up, and only coughed some. I hate viruses. This one is particularly virulent. My 2 year old niece had it on Saturday and gave it to every member of my extended family. I had it by Monday.

But I am doing well today. I wasn’t in bed at all. In fact, I made my bed for the first time in 2.5 weeks. I did laundry. I moved things around.

What I didn’t do was get out. (Haven’t tried driving yet.) And I didn’t chat with any of my friends.

Remember that. If your friend has surgery, find out when they want you to come over and talk.

Hubby is going out tonight to talk. And I so want to go along. But I’m sure there will be smoke and I don’t want that. But I wish I could talk.

And I’m thinking about taking myself out for an artist’s date in the morning. Just get up when I wake up and not come home till lunch time.

Except then I’d probably be in bed till Monday. But maybe not. It might be worth it.