Kidney Donor

I wanted to say kidney doning, but I don’t think that’s a word. And I didn’t want “giving,” so I went with donor. Dynamist Blog has an interesting response to the National Kidney Foundation. (I hadn’t heard that the NKF had said this.) I agree with Dynamist, btw.

Kidney doning has been on my mind today.

1st- read an article in Texas Monthly about a donor who was surprised how many people tried to get her to change her mind. (I was not surprised.)

2nd- a friend whose husband died eventually, after his body having rejected a perfect match kidney, came over.

3rd- I served the friend dessert made by a friend who is on the kidney transplant list, having already rejected one kidney. She’s been having to go downtown 3x a week for dialysis.

If I live to be over 100 they probably won’t want my organs, but if I die in a car wreck or something, I want each and every organ that can possibly be used donated. I’ve said it. I’ve told everyone I know. Now I’ve told some folks I don’t know.

“Don’t take your organs to heaven. Heaven knows we need them here.”