Finally Registered

My oldest son is finally registered for college.

We went on Monday for an appointment, but our counselor wasn’t in. (Emergency kept her out for an hour.) We finally gave up and went to someone else. But she insisted that I turn in his transcript before he was admitted. So that didn’t work. I hadn’t brought it. (It was why I had wanted to wait for the other counselor.)

Today I went in with all the paperwork and got him registered for his classes. He’ll be in Trig this summer and English and Precalculus in the fall. I also bought his trig book. $100. Ouch. Glad he’s not in two classes this summer.

I already have an extra copy of one of the books he’ll need in the fall, so we’ll be better off for that.

He’ll turn 15 the week summer school ends. Did I mention that?