I woke up this morning

with my mind on those who have given their lives in this war and those who love them. Literally. I was having a weird dream and all the sudden it shifted. I dreamed of a man talking to another whose son had been killed in this war, “Sandy will never return home.” And I didn’t get mad at the guy for making the father cry because the man had obviously lost at least part of his leg in this war as well.

For the 2500+ who have made the ultimate sacrifice, God bless them. Thank you for them.

For the families of the 2500+ who have made the ultimate sacrifice, God be with them. Give them comfort and what measure of peace is available. Let them always be thanked and never harangued. Watch over them. Guide them. Guard them. Direct their paths and make their way straight. And thank you for them.

Soldier’s Mom has four lists of the 2500. Part 4. Part 3. Part 2. Part 1.

And, for those whose loved ones fought in this war and returned home, only to die by murder or a car accident, I ask for blessings on them as well.

And for those whose loved ones never made it to the front, who served in our military, but didn’t live to get there, like Nathan, I ask you to bless them as well, God.

I personally and we as a nation have been blessed by those who served. Today is one day in which we can acknowledge that blessing in the spirit of the holiday.