Hurricanes, Flash flooding, Earthquakes

These are my eldest son’s predictions for what dire fates await us on Sunday as we try to return from Lubbock, where we are heading today for a wedding.

“What!? We’re going to Lubbock TODAY!”

“What!? College starts next week! Mom, you can’t take me to Lubbock. What if we don’t make it back in time?”

I assured him that classes don’t start until Thursday.

“What if there’s a hurricane?”

“Then I’ll be glad we’re in Lubbock and not in Houston.”

“No. What if there’s a hurricane between Lubbock and Houston?”

I laughed. “The ocean will have moved, then. Not going to happen.”

“Well, there could be flash flooding. Or earthquakes. Flash flooding and earthquakes. We’ll never make it back for my class and it’ll be all your fault.”

I’m not sure if he thinks I should leave him here alone (not going to happen) or if none of us should head up for the wedding (also not going to happen). But I thought it was interesting, these dire consequences of heading 9 hours north and west.