4 Wks Post-op

It’s been four weeks and a day since the hysterectomy. How am I feeling? Tired. Last night at 9:23 I was working to keep my eyes open because I had told myself I would have popcorn before I went to bed. I was sound asleep before 10. (And Sunday night I went to bed at 10 pm and didn’t get up till 11 am.)

I’m tired, but not quite tired enough to sleep. Earlier on this was terrible because I wasn’t well enough to do anything else, not even read. But now I’m well enough that I can get up and get around, so I can do other things. I feel as if I am doing them at about 60%, but I am doing them.

And I am even more grateful for the 36 hours I had this weekend to be able to enjoy J and P and the pre-wedding stuff. I had 36 hours pain and exhaustion free. (I did sleep during that time, but I wasn’t shaking with fatigue.)