New Glass

This weekend I went to an antique shop in Lubbock, Grand Central Station Antiques on Ave Q. I found a lot of cool things, but I bought three Depression Era glass pieces, all elegant glass. (Depression glass= the free stuff they gave away with purchases. Elegant glass= the stuff you had to buy.)

I got a Louie Glass Harpo pitcher, cobalt blue. The woman told me that the Groucho one is red. (It is.) And the Chico one is green. (It isn’t.) The Chico one is a different bubble look, but is cobalt blue. There IS a green one. It’s a different edition Harpo pitcher, according to the internet, and is beautiful.

I also purchased an L.E.Smith Cobalt Vase No. 1900. It is short, like most vases of the time, but very pretty and very blue. (Short = 8 inches, plus ou moins)

My final purchase was a Rite Blue Pitcher from the 1930s. I’ve never seen it in a Depression Glass catalog, so it must be elegant glass. It is heavy and pretty with a swirl pattern in the glass and then a diamond pattern. So if you look at it from the side, it seems to be lines going at a diagonal with a bit of a curve, but straight on you can see the diamonds.