What a Democrat would think about me

Wizbang has a post on instructions for Democratic canvassers that tells them to look for Jesus fish on the car, flags, bumper stickers, well-tended gardens, and expensive cars.

If they came to my house they would be misled.

Yes, there is an expensive car in the driveway. It’s a lease. And that RV? It belongs to my folks.

I have no bumper stickers because I don’t like them. My yellow soldiers’ ribbon fell off my car.

There is no flag because the ones I buy I can’t figure out how to hang correctly. (I have two in the closet waiting for me to figure them out. Or for someone else to.)

There is a reasonably well-tended garden because my dad came over this week.

The only obvious religious symbol is a menorah, in a prominent place in my china cabinet. But I’m not Jewish.

I have the Tanakh, several Bibles, and a Book of Mormon on the shelf. Which one of those doesn’t belong?

The only thing they would really know is that I like books. But that’s a give away to anyone who knows me. I ahve six bookshelves in the public rooms.