The Next Car

How about 0 to 60 in four seconds? Top speed 130 MPH? (Assuming you can find a space to do that safely.) Fuel costs of two pennies a mile? And a range of 250 miles? (Okay, I can go farther in my car, but not much. I can go 320 if I’ve been on the highway.)

It’s the Tesla Roadster made by Tesla Motors, created by Paypal, Google, and eBay people.

It runs on laptop batteries.

And the recharge time? 3.5 hours. Just long enough for me to have gotten to Dallas and hung out with Ang at a restaurant and mall. Then I could come home again.

How much will it cost? $80K. That’s a bit beyond my pocketbook, especially for a two-seater. But I know plenty of people who could afford it and enjoy it. Michael, what do you think?

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