Bloodletting has a post about someone getting an IV in their foot during the Army’s combat lifesaver course. It is a good read.

It reminded me of the IV they did this time. … I was totally awake. They did not numb my arm. It hurt so much I thought I was going to puke. Two people worked on my hand and one came over and held my hand, squeezing it and trying to divert my attention.

It hurt when they took it out, too. I think they put it in the wrong place. Because seven and a half weeks after the surgery, I am wearing my watch on my right hand because my left hand still has bruises and pain from the IV.

In one surgery, for my TMJ, the person stuck my hand over ten times trying to get the IV in. She was crying by the time she finished. Thankfully they’d given me something for the pain before all that started. I remember the doctor walking down the hall and showing me the needle from his pocket. And I was glad to see it. (Not my normal reaction to a needle.)

I have prayed for the soldiers in the unit ordered back to Iraq today. I pray they stay far away from IEDs.