Reading More Left Wing Blogs

No. I haven’t changed the blogs I read. But I’m getting more and more weirdness coming out in the ones I do read.

Language Log gives “authoritarian conservative” Kilpatrick the arguments LL thinks he’ll respect. Is he an “authoritarian conservative”? I don’t know. I do know that appealing to the experts would be a good choice in grammar discussions even if he were an “anarchist liberal.”

And Community College Dean called President Bush a “smug s- o- b-” because he vetoed “research on treatments for the disease that makes it hard for Dad to breathe,” as opposed to what it was, which was federally subsidized stem cell research. (I’ll argue about whether such “research” has really come up with anything promising later.) And, even if stem cell research came up with anything promising, it will likely be too late for the grandfather of the Twoddler.

And Respectful Insolence, who I have been reading for ages, is really starting to annoy me with his regular bashing of creationists (I am one.) and his crowing over a 16 year old being mandated to have chemotherapy by a judge over his own and his parents’ wishes. (Why is the government a parent? It isn’t. It shouldn’t be.)

So, for my honey, who thinks I read too many right wing wackos, here are some of my daily reads from the other side.