Breast Cancer

It’s a big deal when you’re reading in HRT stuff. So I read an article off Quack Watch and found this: “Meanwhile, the risk of breast cancer has been known for many years to be most increased by an early onset of menstrual periods, a late age of menopause, late or no childbearing, and absence of breastfeeding.”

I definitely had early onset menstruation.

If I take HRT I’ll have a “late age of menopause,” in estrogen, if not in fact.

I don’t know if, but I doubt, 29 and 30 are considered to be “late childbearing.”

I did breastfeed both my boys for six weeks. I was reading on the BBC today that they’re recommending six months as a minimum for some health reason or another. But I did six weeks because I had to go back to work.