To Be an Actuary

What needs to be on the resume? This person, who hires actuaries, says you need: good grades, math major or related field, activities outside of class, a good SAT score, and writing ability.

Somewhere that answers actuary questions listed the top 17 colleges for this. But apparently they got some flak because it was removed. Too bad. University of Texas was one, but I was wondering if there might be another in Texas.

This source gives suggestions for high school students who want to be actuaries. Besides the normal stuff (do math, get good grades) they recommend:
“Enroll in computer science courses to develop your computer skills.”
“Look into actuarial internships for high school juniors and seniors.
Attend career fairs for the actuarial profession.
Consider attending an actuarial summer program.”

Then for college students they recommend:

3 semesters of calculus
1 semester of linear algebra
2 semesters of calculus-based probability and statistics
business courses, such as marketing
computer science courses
communication courses, like writing, technical writing, speech, or drama courses
literature, history, art, political science, the humanities, and other liberal arts classes
actuarial science courses, as available

I wonder how much of the writing/lit stuff they want. Enough to show that you aren’t just a math-aholic I guess.

Just because I was wondering.