Speech! Speech!

I went to a friend’s graduation today. I might not have made the push to go but she was giving the closing speech. And she did an EXCELLENT job. She was poised, articulate, clear, funny, serious, thoughtful, thought provoking…

She has a gift for speechifying.

I was very pleased to be there and hear her. Many others were also pleased. Her dad was getting her picture and about ten people came up, wanting to speak to her because of her speech. Good stuff.

The sad thing is that the keynote speaker had too many points, was boring, and had an accent that people were having trouble understanding. He’s from Chicago and Detroit and he got some laughs because when he said the students didn’t want to pay student loans the folks listening thought he said stupid loans.

I think I may have attended the graduation of one of my students’ wives. There was a pregnant lady there walking across the stage with the last name of a student whose wife is pregnant. And the cheering was loud and raucous, just as it would be if the student were there. So on Tuesday I intend to ask if I attended his wife’s graduation. (I hope it was her. I think it would be pretty funny.)