Water, Water Everywhere

“And not a drop to drink.”

It may be an old nursery rhyme, but at our house it was true. We got a new water softener and the fittings broke yesterday between 2:15 and 5 pm. Water started shooting out six feet in the air, or more.

I wasn’t home. The boys didn’t notice. Sometime later a neighbor woke up, heard it, and went outside to check the noise. He came over and turned off the water softener, but not the water to the house. When I got home and saw the water, I turned off the water to the house. With the water to the water softener turned off, the gusher stopped. With the water to the house stopped, there was no leaking.

So, since yesterday at 5 pm, we’ve had no water to the house. The boys have been peeing in the backyard. I’ve been using one toilet, away from the bedrooms.

Hopefully the guy who is supposed to be working on this will be out this morning.

The neighbor warned us that our next water bill might be $600. He also, thankfully, told us that sometimes, when the water busts outside, the water company will give a break on the water. (Half of the bill.) So I need to call and/or go by there in the next couple of days.

Just what I needed, something else to do. (I’m a bit behind partially because of the allergy overload.)