Belief in God

Our church is searching for a new youth pastor. As the parent of a child who wants to be a youth pastor and the parent of a child who says he does not believe in God, my husband wanted to go to the interview. Since they left time for parents, we were able to.

We sat on the sidelines, together. We had been talking to other people, but when the interviewee and his wife came in we were sitting down. After the prayer, he came over and introduced himself.

And my husband asked him why he believed in God.

CH said that it was because God has always put the right person in his life to help him- when his parents divorced, when his grandfather was murdered.

R (later) said that E would not accept such an existential (read, experiential) reason for belief. It isn’t rational, E has told me.

R also said (also later) that God doesn’t always put the right person there for people. Does that mean they are loved less by God? It’s a good question, especially in my son’s situation. He hasn’t ever had a struggle, really, but if he did and someone said the wrong thing, would that mean God doesn’t love him?

I have been in bad places and God didn’t always put the right person there saying the right thing. Does that mean God doesn’t love me? I don’t think so. I think Satan’s playing ball too. Sometimes the pitch comes straight over the plate and sometimes it hits you in the kneecap. And, maybe, sometimes the right thing is to NOT have someone there with the answer for you.

I am praying for my son, and Audra’s brother, and my brother, and Angie’s daughter, and Debby’s son. I am praying that God continues to seek them, no matter how far they run. Bring them home, God.

Why do I believe in God?

I answered that here. For E, it’s not any better an answer than CH’s.

Is there a rational reason for believing in God? Besides the one I mentioned?