Missions curriculum 1-5th grade

THAT’s what I was supposed to be getting ready and haven’t done anything towards.

Wycliffe has some good ideas. I like the prayer cube. It would be something we could do in class together and then split up into our groups.

I think “Global Grafitti” is cool, but my kids would flunk it. Maybe I could do something like it for my boys now for school.

“In 1 Ear, Out the Other” is a good game for the group.

“It’s not impossible” has a lot of fun ideas, too.

“Make it snappy” might work. But it is hard and I think cofCers won’t like it.

“Prayer Games” looks like it would be fun. We could do one of the ideas each week for the big group.

“Tug of War” would be fun, too. They’d enjoy it.

“Int’l Radio Operators” looks okay, but it’s not fun. Maybe something to do with the kids when they are very early. Or if they have to stay late.

“Alphabeti Spaghetti” has a cool bookmark.

“May I have a snack, Mom?” looks fun and we could have some snack afterwards.

“Tea Time” is okay. It gives some good cultural ideas.

“What does it mean” has some fun culture stuff. I remember this from Wendell Broom’s class.

There’s good stuff for preschoolers, too, and we could use them for the older kids sometimes.