Unfunded abortions

lead to fewer births.

I read the study online somewhere a few years ago. I remembered Ohio and Michigan, but couldn’t Google it up. One of my students showed me a sentence about it, when I asked if anyone had seen it, and the sentence, not cited!, included Georgia. Putting that in I got Trussell, et al’s work. But you have to have a college library subscription to access it.

However, I kept looking and found a site that summarizes it well.

That is here.

With funding cut off, abortions decrease, but births decrease as well….

One of the states, Michigan, continued to pay with state funds for poor women’s abortions. The other two, Ohio and Georgia, did not. Birth and abortion records of Medicaid-eligible women for all three states were studied and compared for a six-month period of 1977 (before Hyde) and a comparable period of 1978 (after Hyde).

Indeed, there was a reduction in abortions in Ohio and Georgia, apparently resulting from the cutoff of public funds. So what is to account for the decrease in births? Conceptions decreased. The decrease amounted to 4% in Georgia and a hefty 15% in Ohio. Remember that these figures come from a careful counting of birth and abortion records kept for Medicaid-eligible women in both states.

I think we should stop funding abortions.