Religious freedom will be limited

and the Boy Scouts are an indication of how. The Boy Scouts are a nonprofit and had access to certain places. Now they no longer have that access because they don’t admit gays and atheists. Other nonprofits do have that access.

So religious groups can believe what they want to, but there will be a hierarchy of acceptance. What one group has will not be available to another.

It doesn’t actually limit religious freedom, but it seems to me that it is a step in that direction.

(If I figure out how to say what I am thinking more clearly, I will repost.)

Boy Scout post found from Stop the ACLU, one of my daily reads.

The Evangelical Outpost posted “The Marriage Muzzle: Same-Sex Marriage’s Threat to Religious Liberties”. It is what started my sons and me discussing the question of how religious freedom will be limited in the future if changes are made. This blog entry is a postscript to that conversation.