E’s been watching Penn and Teller’s B*S* show.

From something R said to me last night, I realize that what the show is really is P’s (and assumably T’s) belief system and their arguments for that belief system. They don’t want to be polite, so manners are bad. (They “prove” this by showing two wackos with poor manners who think everyone else should be polite.) They want to be polyamorous, so they show a marriage in which the wife took a lover, so the husband did too. They say it is working out well, but I wonder if it is. And by whose standard is it working out? The wife, the husband, the lovers, the kids?

The realization that it is pretty much a propaganda show for their beliefs will help me. I can at least ask E why we should all live our lives according to their beliefs.

Yes, I agree with them that PETA is supporting terrorists and arsonists. But, no, I don’t think God doesn’t exist because he is killed some babies. (I had to work through that theology point as an adult. God is, by definition, good. Anything God does is, by definition, good. Therefore, when God killed the first born of the Egyptian children, it was good. Yes, I don’t “get” that fully, but I do believe it.)