That’s disgusting.

Warning: Do not read if you are eating or if you have a weak stomach. It’s only what goes on with teenage boys in the house, but still. Gross.

My eldest came down, saying he’d taken a shower and washed his hair. His hair was greasy. So I took him into the bathroom and washed his hair myself.

While we were in there, I was almost overcome by the smell of his underarms.

So I told his brother to bring clean underwear and I made him take a shower in my bathroom.

The funk is AWFUL. I may not be able to go in there for hours. It stinks, badly.

And the “clean” underwear that he supposedly had on… Let’s just say I’ve seen this look before in his diapers.

So I can’t trust him to take a shower, wash his hair, or change his underwear.

That’s disgusting.

What’s even worse is I can trust him to make decent grades in college! Yeah. He’s not going away till he takes showers on his own. Well, when he’s 18, I guess he could go in the Army or Marines. If they don’t kill him, he’ll learn to take showers.