Tasting Health

Need an excuse to not eat your vegetables? Maybe you can say that you’re a supertaster. One in four people are. And how you taste impacts your health.

[B]rains are programmed to want fat, probably an evolutionary hangover from times of scarcity. But what’s necessary for survival isn’t all the brain likes. University of Michigan researchers just uncovered that eating something tasty can spark brain cells that sense actual pleasure to start firing rapidly.

More provocative, how intensely people sense different flavors seems to affect how healthy they are.

Are you among the “supertasters,” people who shun vegetables because they find them more bitter than the average person does? Supertasters may be more at risk of developing colon cancer as a result, says a recent University of Connecticut study.

from Live Science

1 thought on “Tasting Health

  1. I think my daughter is a super-taster. She likes her veggies OK, but anything with a really strong taste bother her — even minty toothpaste! She always says “It’s too spicy”, even if it’s a strong non-spicy flavor. I try to make some bland things for her, but I like a lot of flavor and forget a lot! Good thing there’s PB&J!

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