Slow moving

I seem to not be getting everything done I need to or want to. I’m exhausted right now, with my eyes closing. I don’t know for sure what is up. I’m having trouble getting to sleep. I slept 3 hours Saturday night and seven Sunday night and at least twice this week I’ve slept five. I even took melatonin once and it took me three more hours to go to sleep. I did sleep eight hours that night though. Maybe I need to take more melatonin.

To the good I’ve come up with questions for my final exam that are different for each class, but about the same level of difficulty. I also got all the shopping done for the charity, wrapped those up, and delivered them. Then I helped SG get them all organized. I also got prepared for my Wednesday night class. I’m teaching 25 kids with three other adults contributing. It was a loud class Wednesday, so I need to reorganize and reschedule.