Dean Koontz apparently has three books about this character, though I have only read one. I finished reading it about ten minutes ago. Happy Catholic recommended it. The style of writing is excellent and it is a good book… Sad endings, though, are not my favorite.

This was a good enough book that I would recommend it anyway, though I decided after reading the first few pages not to gift my dad with a copy. Dead girl in the first part would not float his boat at all.

I bought the first two in the series in paperback, but it seems a hardback of the three is available. That would have been cheaper, if I had known.

Odd Thomas is the book I just finished reading.

2 thoughts on “Odd

  1. I got mine from the library so I had no idea there was a trilogy printed … that definitely would be the better deal!

  2. I am no longer sure that it is an omnibus, although that is what it looked like it was saying it was.

    And I’m not sure I want to buy a hardback of book 3.

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