Weight Tracking 2006

This is a year in review. I lost the at least twenty pounds, but I also lost and gained, lost and gained, lost and gained.

The high of the year was 1/1 at 178.6. The good news is that I kept my weight below that all year. The bad news is that I didn’t hold steady at that low of 163. I did go down and up between August and December, I just forgot I was weight tracking. I’ll have to start over for this year.

After stuffing myself at Christmas: 183.6 (12/27)
After one day of drinking water: 181.4 (12/28)
Started South Beach on 12/29
After two days of South Beach: 179 (12/31)
After three days of South Beach: 178.6 (1/1)
After five days of South Beach: 177.8 (1/3)
1/6: 176
1/7: 176.6 (Went out last night to Cafe du Bois.)
1/9 175.4 (This is depressing when you know I weighed 176 on Friday, but at least it is going in the right direction.)
1/13 173.4 (Just for info, if I have wet hair I add .4 pounds to my weight.)
1/14 172.8 (But today I am eating out, so I expect my weight will go up. I am not going to weigh tomorrow.)
1/16 172 (Yesterday I slept 8 hrs the night before, two hours that day, and eleven hours that night. I have also napped today. Am I sick?)
1/25 170 (It took nine days to lose 2 pounds. That’s not good. But two of those days I was off plan.)
2/1 169 (Okay, that was slow. 7 days for 1 pound. But I did it. That’s the goal. Keep on doing it.)
2/10 169 (For the last three days my weight has been 169 when I step on the scale. No weight loss at all for 9 days. I had hoped it would be lower this morning, but it wasn’t. I am not sure what has slowed the weight down, unless it’s the fact that I’m not running 5 days a week now but only 3. Maybe I need to take up biking on the other two days. I think I would actually enjoy that. Maybe I’ll go biking this afternoon after I finish everything else I am supposed to be doing.)
2/13 168.4
2/14 167
2/19 169 after cheating for two days
3/5 165.8
3/15 167
5/3 165.4 after 2 days on quick weight loss
5/4 164.6
5/5 163.8
5/17 167
6/2 167
6/28 171
7/10 174 (Ouch. That’s too high. I’m going to drink water today.)
7/11 171 (After one day of 128 oz of water and only 1450 calories. Not low on calories, but good on weight.)
8/1 172 (Gotta get with eating right today instead of eating anything and as much of it as there is.)
8/22 166.4 (I’m losing weight, but not inches.)
12/31 176 (After a week on a cruise that is probably not too bad.)

For some reason this decided to post on March 15th, so I am recopying it here.